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Helping real estate owners and managers with investment real estate holdings.

Personnel Development

Natalie Brecher


Engage your meeting participants with valuable, relevant content delivered in a highly interactive format.

Give them the knowledge to improve, the motivation to be their best, and humor to enjoy the time.

All programs are high-content, interactive, motivational, and packed with practical ideas people can implement immediately.

Program Topics

  • Leadership and Management
  • Professional Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Training and Presentation Skills


Natalie Brecher


Think Tank Facilitation

The best ideas often come from the thinking of many...when it's harnessed in a way that brings out innovation.

Focus Groups

Whether it be your staff or your tenants, when you need to know what people really think, a Focus Group can help. First, we determine what you need answered and then questions are written to solicit candid responses.

Natalie Brecher


People benefit from one-on-one attention to guide them to be their best.





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Brecher & Associates Incorporated is a client-focused consulting and training firm committed to providing services that exceed clients’ expectations. Dedicated to the principles of excellence, integrity, loyalty, and trustworthiness, we strive to enhance the quality of life and economic well-being of all we serve. We constantly endeavor to improve through innovation and continued learning.

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