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Real Estate Advisory Services


Helping real estate owners and managerswith investment real estate holdings.

Real estate advisory services

Making real estate owners better owners and property managers better managers.

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We make...

...real estate owners better owners.

We work with owners so they better understand real estate invesment and the management of their properties. managers better managers.

We work with property management companies to elevate their operations and services.


...people better performers.

We work with people - in groups and one-on-one - to help them improve their work results.



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Why Us?

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Our Services

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Performance Improvement

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Personnel Development

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Asset Management

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Financial Services

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Brecher & Associates Incorporated is a client-focused consulting and training firm committed to providing services that exceed clients’ expectations. Dedicated to the principles of excellence, integrity, loyalty, and trustworthiness, we strive to enhance the quality of life and economic well-being of all we serve. We constantly endeavor to improve through innovation and continued learning. 

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To help owners and managers of real estate achieve their goals.